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PNR stands for "Passenger Name Record". Its a 10 Digit Unique Number generated when passenger books a Irctc train tickets. By using PNR number passenger can check the latest status of his/her Irctc Train tickets if ticket is in waiting status. PNR Status can be changed untill charting is not done.
Check of PNR status will give you all important information about your journey.It basically consist of two parts first one is your ticket details and the second one is passanger details. Both of these information are associated with the PNR status.
Ticket Details consists below information in PNR Status - Passanger details consists below information in PNR status check -
WL Code Description
GNWL : General Waiting List
RAC : Reservation Against Cancellation, It refers to a reservation of ticket for sitting accommodation until some berth becomes available. Any RAC ticket holders can board the reserved coach.
RLWL : Remote Location Waiting List, This is commonly the Waiting List tickets which is applicable when a Passenger intends to get into the Train from an Intermediate Station to the last station where Train terminated it's journey. You will never get the RLWL from the originating station of the Journey.
PQWL : Pooled Quota Waiting List, This is the waiting list tickets which is shared by number of small station in the train route. Simply the PQWL is the waiting list ticket originated from the one Intermediate station to another intermediate station in the single route of any train. Like in case from New Delhi To banglore if some one take a reservation from Mumbai Central to Gangapurcity. The Waiting ticket will be PQWL.
RQWL : Request Waiting List, This quota is used when there will be no Pooled Quota Waiting List in the Route.
CKWL : Tatkal Waiting List, when the waiting Tickets are taken under tatkal quota.
WL : Waiting List, When ever the waiting list tickets are booked from the originating station to termination station of single route in train journey.
PNR No situated at the top-left end of your Indian Railway train ticket. Its a 10 digit number which will later can be used for tracking ticket status.Any one can easily trach their train ticket status using trainforsure just in simple steps .
Fill your 10 digit PNR number in the above mentioned text box without using any '-' between its numbers,
Then click on "CHECK PNR STATUS" button and it will give PNR status within a few seconds . In the below part of the PNR status "Seat status" and "Charting Status" will be mentioned , which shows the current status of your train ticket current status
In the resent days Indian Railways started a call and SMS service to help those customers who dont have internet connetions easily available or who dont know how to search PNR status on internet using trainforsure like website .Below are the details to check PNR status using call and SMS hope it will help you out at some point when you dont have internet connection available .
Call : Just Dial 139 and follow the instructions.
SMS : SMS PNR [10 Digit PNR Number] to 139 Example: PNR 1234567890
Below is the official Indian Railway site to check PNR status. This site is maintained by Indian Railway Department.
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